Consumers Seek Clear Evidence of Safety

Consumers are looking for clear evidence that operators understand the importance of adhering to strict safety protocols, especially as more restaurants open their dining rooms to limited in-store service. Recent consumer surveys by research firm Datassential confirm that consumers are willing to tolerate some inconveniences as operators take extra precautions to ensure their safety and protect the health of their workers.

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The Food Chain – An Inspector Calls

They have the power to close a restaurant. Some can even make arrests. No wonder they’ve got some stories that seem to belong more in a mafia film than a food show. And the danger doesn’t end there. It’s not just their lives at risk – but yours too. We hear about some of the unsavory things that happen to our food behind kitchen doors – and the sneaky tactics used to conceal them.

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Why Does It Seem Like Everyone Is Getting Sick from Salad?

Maybe salads aren’t a healthy option after all: Romaine lettuce — as in, like all of it — is the latest leafy green subject to a food safety alert by the Centers for Disease Control, with a reported outbreak of E. coli stemming from the lettuce hitting just before Thanksgiving. Thus far, 32 illnesses have been reported in 11 states; 18 people have reportedly fallen ill in Canada.

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