With real-world experience in the industry, we understand the ins and outs of designing a kitchen to maximize efficiency and food safety. Reduce the chance of having to change something because your kitchen didn’t comply with regulations or recent changes to the FDA food code. Improve your workflow and productivity while minimizing the risk of foodborne illness or a food allergic reaction due to facility design with materials that are difficult to keep clean.


Commercial Kitchen Design Groups
Design-Build Firms
Food & Beverage Consultants
Interior Designers
Construction Companies


Train to Comply™

You can’t just go with the flow when designing a food-safe space.

With any commercial kitchen buildout, architects, design-build firms, designers, and interior designers encounter similar issues regarding food safety. Understanding the flow of food, how to maximize efficiency in the space, and preventing cross-contamination of food that comes into contact with different surfaces, raw items, and food allergens will go a long way in designing a kitchen that makes it easier to prevent foodborne illnesses.

Ensuring a successful buildout doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Making sure the proper equipment and materials are in place when building out a kitchen, paired with following food industry regulations can be an overwhelming experience. With expertise in regulations and the most recent updates to the FDA food code, and decades of kitchen experience we can guide you in the right direction when selecting equipment and building materials.

How we do it:

• Assist with Plan Review
• Conduct inspections
• Offer advice and expertise from concept to implementation
• Act as a liaison with regulatory agencies


Who we help:

  • Architects Architects
  • Design-Build Firms Design-Build Firms
  • Designers Designers
  • Food & Beverage Consultants
  • Interior Designers Interior Designers
  • Construction Companies

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