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Uncover the hidden secrets of the food industry in 'Who Watches the Kitchen?'

Discover the hidden truths of the foodservice industry in Francine L. Shaw’s gripping book, “Who Watches the Kitchen?”. With over thirty years of experience, Shaw fearlessly exposes shocking incidents, uncovers practical solutions to prevent foodborne illnesses, and addresses the lack of gender diversity in the industry. Whether you’re a concerned consumer or an industry professional, this invaluable resource will forever change your perception of the food on your plate and inspire a safer, more inclusive dining experience.

A must-read for anyone who has ever dined in a restaurant and wants to keep dining safely

“Who Watches the Kitchen?” is an invaluable resource for both industry professionals and concerned consumers. Get ready to embark on a journey that will forever change how you perceive the food on your plate.

  • Consumers will learn simple ways to protect themselves.
  • Business owners will understand anew how to keep people safe and solve many of their most common challenges
  • Business owners will understand how to solve many of their most common challenges

Here’s What Our Readers Say

Who Watches the Kitchen is much like Francine’s brand: bright, colorful, hilarious, and bold. This is legit the most fun food safety book ever written. If you don’t laugh your way through this book, then you should probably lower your mood-altering drugs.

Matthew Regusci
Founder, Fostering Compliance

Francine’s food safety and public health experience make her one of the most recognized voices in the food industry. She mentors with immeasurable passion and knowledge. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting valuable food safety insight from one of the most credible experts in our industry.

Donald Smith
President, Smith Food Safety

Francine with arms crossed and smiling

About The Author

Francine L. Shaw is the CEO of Savvy Food Safety and TracSavvy, co-founder/business partner of My Food Source (MFS), co-host of the food safety podcast “Don’t Eat Poop!”, and an author and speaker. She spent over thirty years in various sectors of the foodservice industry, beginning as a fry girl and including service in academia, regulatory, private-sector, corporate America, and development of digital programs.

MFS and TracSavvy have developed state-of-the-art digital technology for the foodservice industry, providing solutions to problems that have existed for decades. The MFS Farm to Table standard seeks to address the challenges of the supply chain and sustainable food systems. It recognizes the links between healthy people, healthy societies, and a healthy planet.

TracSavvy tracks all certifications (both compliance and internal) and sends alerts notifying the certificate holder and any essential management that the impending expiration date is looming. Both are one-of-a-kind business solutions and Francine is very proud to have been a vital part of the development of each.

Francine works in a field where the subject matter demands urgent attention and can be somewhat intense—after all, 3,000 people in the United States (and 420,000 globally) die every year from foodborne illnesses. Still, Francine believes in remaining positive and having fun while developing new products and educating others about these global food safety issues. She knows that to have saved even one life will have made her journey worthwhile.

Questions & Anwers

This book takes readers on a rollicking, astonishing journey through the hidden truths of the foodservice industry, filled with wild stories of mystery meat, mouse prints, and unexpected threats.

Francine L. Shaw has an extensive thirty-plus-year career, having worked as a fry girl, managed restaurants, inspected businesses for health departments, and educated and improved food safety for various corporate brands, academia, and regulatory bodies.

With 48 million people falling sick and 3,000 dying annually from foodborne illnesses in the United States alone, Shaw dives into the root causes and offers practical solutions while sharing captivating stories that highlight how such illnesses can happen in all kinds of restaurants.

Alongside food safety, the book serves as a call for change, addressing the lack of gender diversity in the industry. Francine L. Shaw aims to inspire more women to pursue careers in food safety and break the norms to foster greater inclusivity.

This book is a must-read for anyone who has dined in a restaurant and wants to ensure their dining experience is safe. Both industry professionals and concerned consumers will find invaluable insights, practical advice, and eye-opening perspectives that will forever change their perception of the food on their plates.