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Francine Shaw is one of the hardest working business owners I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is always on top of her game when it comes to her client’s needs. I remember her calling me at odd hours because of her client needing some reports to change ASAP (such passion). It was a pleasure to have worked with her and her amazing, caring staffs.

Leeza Neeves

Over the last few years Francine and I have worked on many successful projects together. Francine is hard working, extremely personable, easy to work with, and very funny. She makes project so fun, you forget it is work. Plus, she is an amazing resource; I think she has forgotten more about food safety then most people will learn.

Matthew Regusci

Francine and her team are clearly dedicated to our food safety. The real stories and guidance she brings to client consultations moves the subject from a legislated burden to a social-conscience movement. I believe in her, her mission, motives and expert knowledge.

Whitney Hahn

I have attended classes taught by Francine and worked with her in a consulting role. She is an excellent trainer who knows how to weave relevant real life stories into her training which really help make it memorable. As a consultant, Francine is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Food Safety which means that you’ll get the results you need when working with her.

Bill Drexler

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