With real-world experience in the industry, we understand the daily struggles of your business. Improve regulatory inspection scores, decrease the risk of foodborne illnesses, be prepared for the unexpected, and increase kitchen efficiency. We have the knowledge you need to make SMART. SAFE. SAVVY.™ decisions regarding food safety.

Lack of food safety knowledge can be disastrous for business.

Your staff is busy and feels like there isn’t time to focus on food safety. In the rush of day-to-day operations, proper documentation of temperatures and protocols have fallen by the wayside. This leaves a business vulnerable to being caught unprepared to deal with a food safety crisis. A staff that lacks food safety knowledge and skills can lead to an outbreak of foodborne illness that can have tremendous costs associated with your bottom line.

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Get a valuable outside perspective to help you streamline your operations and meet guidelines.

Having a system and a plan is the key to being prepared for anything that the food industry can throw your way. With a team that is well-versed in the rules of food safety, your guests will be safe and so will your numbers. If something unexpected happens, you will be equipped with the knowledge, resources, and proper documentation to handle it.

How we do it:

• Act as a liaison with regulatory agencies
• Develop standard operating procedures
• Develop a crisis preparedness plan



With real-world experience in the industry, we understand the ins and outs of designing a kitchen to maximize efficiency and food safety. Reduce the chance of having to change something because your kitchen didn’t comply with regulations or recent changes to the FDA food code. Improve your workflow and productivity while minimizing the risk of foodborne illness or a food allergic reaction due to facility design with materials that are difficult to keep clean.

Keep it Savvy with events, sessions, and news relevant to keeping your customers, staff, and bottom line safe from foodborne illnesses.