ServSafe® Food Handler Guides 6th Edition ASTM English (10 pk)


Language: English

Assessment Answer Sheets included for use with any downloadable ServSafe® Food Handler assessment.

This is a 10-unit pack designed for a classroom setting. Includes 10-unit pack of Assessment Answer Sheets.

Downloadable assessments are offered in English, Spanish, and Korean.

Important note: the assessment must be administered by a ServSafe® Food Handler Registered Instructor.

The ServSafe® Food Handler Guide has been redesigned to easily integrate food safety into any existing on-boarding training program.

Sections can be completed in approximately 10 minutes.
Color-coded for easy reference.
Color photographs from the learner’s point of view help reinforce food safety concepts

Covers the five CDC Risk Factors:
Basic Food Safety
Personal Hygiene
Cross-Contamination & Allergens
Time and Temperature
Cleaning and Sanitation

If you are an individual seeking your ServSafe® Food Handler Certificate of Achievement, we recommend using the ServSafe® Food Handler Online Course and Assessment.