ServSafe® Person In Charge Workbook – Ohio (Case of 10)


State Version: Ohio
Language: English 
Exam Type: No Exam
Quantity/Unit: 10 Books
Food Code: 2009 FDA Food Code

Do I need a Person in Charge Certificate?

I do NOT have a current ServSafe® Manager Certification

I AM the person in charge during shifts at my operation

I do NOT have a ServSafe® Ohio Food Handler Certificate dated before April 1, 2020

If you can answer YES to all three statements you should take this course.

This ServSafe® Person in Charge course must be delivered by an approved Ohio Department of Health person in charge instructor. Click here to download the requirements to become an approved instructor.

The ServSafe® Person in Charge Course meets the current Ohio Person in Charge requirements effective April 1, 2020.

The ServSafe® Person in Charge Workbook – Ohio is designed to assist the student to follow along in class, and learn the content by prompting them to take organized notes and complete exercises. In addition to this Workbook, the ServSafe® in Charge course must be taught using the ServSafe® Person in Charge Leaders Guide – Ohio and the ServSafe® Person in Charge – Ohio PowerPoint presentation both available for free for registered ServSafe Food Handler or ServSafe Manager Instructors.

The ServSafe® Person Course covers seven key areas:

Basic Food Safety

Forms of Contamination

Personal Hygiene

Cross-Contamination and Time-Temperature Control

Purchasing, Receiving, and Storage

Food Preparation

Cleaning and Sanitizing


Regulatory Information.

Ohio Person in Charge (PIC) Certification in Food Protection is required training for the designated person in charge for each shift of a risk level I, II, III, and IV food service operation or retail food establishment if any of the following apply:

A food service operation or a retail food establishment initially licensed after March 1, 2010, unless the individual has successfully completed an equivalent or more comprehensive manager certification in food protection course (Manager Certification).

A food service operation or retail food establishment has been implicated in a foodborne disease outbreak.

The licensor has documented a failure to maintain sanitary conditions in accordance with section 3717.29 of the Revised Code for a retail food establishment or section 3717.49 of the Revised Code for a foodservice operation.

Note: Each risk level III and IV establishment must also have at least one certified food protection manager (ServSafe® Manager) with an Ohio Department of Health Manager Certification in Food Protection.