ServSafe® Clean, Sanitize, Pest Mgt DVD #6


Please note: This product was updated in March 2009 with the 2007 Supplement to the 2005 FDA Food Code, and reflects minor changes. Learn more or view a demo.

ServSafe® Facilities, Cleaning and Sanitizing, and Pest Management DVD

ServSafe Facilities, Cleaning and Sanitizing, and Pest Management Covers:

Sanitary Facilities and Equipment
– Guidelines for facility design and plan review
– Requirements for interior flooring materials
– Requirements for handwashing stations
– Sanitation standards for equipment
– Requirements for installing dishwashing machines
– Requirements for installing and maintaining kitchen equipment
– Requirements for water supply and plumbing
– Lighting and ventilation requirements
– Requirements for garbage disposal

Cleaning and Sanitizing
– Difference between cleaning and sanitizing
– Cleaning agents and their proper use
– Methods of sanitizing
– Dishwashing machines and their proper operation
– How to clean and sanitize equipment using a three-compartment sink
– How to store utensils, tableware, and equipment
– How to store cleaning tools and supplies
– How to use and store hazardous materials

Integrated Pest Management
– How to develop and implement an Integrated Pest Management program
– How to identify different pests
– How to use and store pesticides

SDVD6R, English/Spanish
English Running Time – 42m 37s