Allergen-Free Professional Digital Thermometer (Sold Separately) Dishwasher Safe


Protect guests with food allergies by using the only system of its kind– designed to help foodservice operators create special food allergen prep procedures to avoid allergen cross-contact. The Allergen Saf-T-Zone™ System includes basic prep and cooking tools in a special purple color, including a purple 12 x 18” (305 x 457mm) Saf-T-Grip® cutting board, tongs, turner and a 10” (254 mm) Chef’s knife. The tools are protected and stored inside a durable purple case. The purple color of the Allergen Saf-T-Zone™ System is designed to color code and alert kitchen staff to follow special food allergen prep procedures.


  • System includes purple 12 x 18 x ½” ( 305 x 457 x 13mm) Saf-T-Grip® cutting board, tongs, turner and Chef’s knife
  • Special purple color alerts staff to follow special food prep procedures
  • NSF Certified; board and tools are dishwasher safe
  • Optional thermometer (case includes storage space)
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