Why Food Safety and Education is More Important Than Ever Before

Thanks to several highly-publicized hospitalizations and deaths from improper food handling, food safety has maintained a large presence in public health for several years. However, in the midst of a global pandemic, food safety guidelines become even more crucial for the health of consumers.

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Let’s Talk Restaurant Food Safety With Expert Francine Shaw – How To Keep Your Restaurant Safe

COVID-19 has changed the way all businesses operate. Now, every company must elevate its cleaning and disinfecting protocols, implement proper social distancing, and wear personal protective equipment (PPE) as mandated by industry and jurisdiction. Our knowledgeable, experienced team is expertly guiding companies through the rules of this “new normal,” helping them operate safely in our post-COVID world.

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National Food Safety Month Tip: Taking Food Prep Safety to the Next Level

When it comes to food safety, almost everything hinges on proper food preparation. As part of its National Food Safety Month educational series, the National Restaurant Association offers six tips for safe food prep.

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