How to Prepare (and Recover) from a Food Safety Crisis

IT’S KEY TO DEVELOP A PLAN THAT OUTLINES HOW TO MANAGE A CRISIS, MINIMIZE DAMAGE, AND REBUILD TO BE STRONGER AND SAFER THAN EVER. Food safety became a mainstream topic in 1993 when a Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak infected 732 people, including four children who died from the incident, which was linked…

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touchy feely

Touchy Feely Restaurant Screens Covered with Creepy Crawlies

Restaurants are increasingly moving from clipboards and pens to digital technology. And they should. These digital tools streamline and simplify multiple processes – from taking customers’ orders to facilitating inspections. But now, patrons and staff are likely to touch – and share – multiple screens. Whether your host is sending a text about an open…

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on the rise article

Foodborne Illnesses and Recalls on the Rise

The last word a manufacturer wants to hear is “recall”. During 2017, recalls involved everything from salad mix contaminated with a dead bat to hash browns infused with shredded golf balls. Not all recalls are created equal. Both the USDA and the FDA have three classifications of recalls to indicate the relative degree of health…

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